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Sonos Rocks.

We just got a Sonos as a wedding gift from some close friends of ours.
It’s more amazing than I thought it would be. I won’t get into all the details, since Fred Wilson has done a great job describing it already. With the Pandora and Rhapsody subscriptions integrated tightly with the controller, I don’t think we’ll ever need to buy another album (physical or digital) again.

The truly amazing thing is how much it has changed our music listening habits already. We are exploring new music more than ever and listening to something during almost every minute we’re home. The controller is so well designed that it is addictive. It just works.

If anything, Sonos proves that the future of consumer electronics is good software and UI design. The days of dumb boxes with simple circuitry are over… that seems obvious. But less obvious is that using a full-blown PC for tasks traditionally done with dumb devices is just as unlikely to succeeed. The Sonos is great because it isn’t a PC – it just does things that you used to only be able to do with a PC running specialized software.

I’d love to work on this thing. There’s so much complicated engineering in there, but on the surface, it’s as simple to use as your television.