New Toon Sites

TechCrunch is reporting on two new user-generated animation sites: mytoons and aniBOOM. I think Arrington is an animation geek, otherwise I’m not sure why he’d bother reporting on these sites, since (especially mytoons) are basic YouTube clones: a search for animation comes up with over 100k results, many of them very similar to the kinds of content on these other sites (people’s thesis projects, demo reels, short films, etc).

I haven’t heard anyone at work talking about either of these sites, so I’d imagine there isn’t much buzz outside the 53,651 group. In order for these sites to be successful, they’re going to need some significant traction in the animation community – so that they can get high quality content. In order to do this, they’re going to need a differentiator.

AniBOOM has better content right now, but mytoons just came out, so we’ll see who wins (and if either wins this niche over YouTube). My suggestion to these sites, if they want good animators as producers and viewers is simple:

Great animators care about individual frames, about drawing the perfect curve, about getting the timing just right. It’s really hard to appreciate those details in a YouTube quality video. If these sites want animators and FX people to really use their sites as an outlet, they’re going to need to find a way to broadcast higher quality video. Compression artifacts are really distracting, especially for 2D animation.


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  1. Doc on

    Couldn’t agree more – we’ve been working with great animators for years, long before ‘web 2.0’ was born … which is why the image quality of the player at MyToons is a LOT better than you commonly see elsewhere. That said, I’m not going to be happy until we also provide the ability to … oh, hmmm – better be quiet for the moment .. 😉

    As we get out of open beta and into some of the great things we have planned, you’ll see the current player augmented by things needed to really make it a working tool, and MyToons a collaborative creation environment, not *just* entertainment.

    Still, making allowance for reasonable streaming performance, we’re pretty proud of the current image quality – it isn’t HD, but it holds up pretty well for the net.

    Thanks for your remarks, duly noted!

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